I’m a Type 1 Diabetic or T1D as it’s often nicknamed.  Diagnosed when I was 10, I’ve been a diabetic now for 45 years.  This blog is just a way to track life as a diabetic and how I’m meeting the challenges along the way.

For fun I’ve made a montage of my daily supplies for living with T1D.  Left side of image is my trusty Medtronic insulin pump with my Humalog insulin and reservoir and pump insertion set.  Middle of image is one of many of the countless blood glucose meters I have and use.  This current Bayer meter is my favourite.  Right side top of image are my   back up supplies in case the insulin pump should fail (it has and it will – it’s an electronic device just like a phone and sometimes it stops working, so I always have back up insulin and syringes).  Bottom right of image is my Continuous Glucose Monitor or CGM.    I’m always wearing the pump and the CGM, the rest of the items go in a little zip bag that I carry wherever I go.